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Hear what our clients have to say about Bed and Biscuit Doggie Resort:


Bed & Biscuit Doggie Resort is the BEST!  The first time we left our Gigi & Sydney was hard, they were both nervous - Gigi shook like a leaf.  But it wasn’t long, and they were giving Lorie kisses.  From the moment we walked through the door you could just feel the warmth.  We felt at ease instantly about leaving our Girls behind – we knew they were in GREAT hands.  The personal care and individual attention our girls receive at Bed & Biscuit is comforting.  One of the many things we just love and look forward to, are the emails and pictures they send to us while we are away.  They always make us smile!  Our girls just love the walks.  Of course, Gigi likes the walks more than Sydney (she’s our couch potato), but they both just LOVE the cuddle time!    THANKS Bed & Biscuit for giving us piece of mind when we go away!!
-Deb Gaugler 


YOU are the BEST !  We would never think of boarding Maxxie anywhere but with you. You always give her your devoted hands on attention and affection and we really appreciate the kindness that you show to her and ALL your little campers !
-Joyce VanNewkirk

We are so pleased with how well Lorie treats our dogs Sabrina & Dakota.  Lorie shows such caring and devotion to our "children" when we leave them that we never have to give it a second thought.  It truly is a vacation for them.

- Kathy & Fran Bruno

You are truly a blessing with watching Abby when we need help.  It takes such a load off my mind and gives me peace.  Abby always enjoys meeting other dogs.  I'm thankful that you have exposed her to other dogs as I have seen a big difference in her when I walk her and we meet up with another dog. So much good has come since we have met you.   Thank you for everything.
- Debi







I am the owner of Molly, a black miniature schnauzer who weighs 13lbs and is an endless source of High energy, destruction, terror and the attention span of a gnat! We called her the Devil dog! When I called Lorie, I was in tears and at my wits end. Lorie took Molly for 3 days and knew more about Molly in 3 days than we knew in 4 months.  In 6 minutes she taught Molly how to walk on the treadmill. I couldn't believe it.  With Lorie's methods, Molly is now much calmer. Lorie even came to our house once a week for 5 weeks afterwards; basically to train us on how to handle Molly. We worked really hard at implementing Lori's suggestions.  We had tried other Dog programs which was a waste of hundreds of dollars.  When Lorie told me how much she charged, it was a bargain.  I am confident that Lori could be the one to help you no matter what issues you and your pet might be having.  
- Carol Frazer

Lorie is totally honest and caring. As far as her ability with dogs, I can't count the number of people who have said, "in my next life I'd like to come back as Lorie's dog." As Mary Poppin’s is with children, Lorie is with dogs! She is so caring, loving, and yet firm with training. I never hesitate to make the long drive from
Devon to leave my pet with her. Our dog Rosco loves it! The moment I turn into their drive, he seems to recognize he is back in 'dog paradise', and never gives a backward glance.

- Priscilla Osgood 


The Bed and Biscuit Doggie Resort is owned by Lorie P.  The location and accommodations for our loved Lab, Orvis, are wonderful. What dog wouldn’t love running in a safe fenced yard with plenty of shade, doggie pool and friends he has made during the years?  Great indoor activities and clean, well kept surroundings along with  structured play and down time leave my Pup a happy guy.  What else can you ask for?  A loving owner and staff who genuinely care for your “family member.” I do not leave Orvis with anyone else that I can totally trust like Lorie. We miss Orvis when we are away but wonder if he misses us since he is always ready to jump in the car when I say “We’re going to Lorie's!”
-Caroline Antrim

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